Somethingski – Howl We Are Free (2023)

1. Hold Me
2. Czas
3. Lord Have Mercy
4. the Drowning
5. Holy Holy
6. Howl We Are Free
7. Od Północy Do Południa
8. Tam
9. Miła Ma
10. Odkrywca

Release date: 27th of March on all digital distros

HOWL WE ARE FREE is a unique blend of folk music with a modern independent flair. It’s a mixture of all kinds of world music with punk attitude, indie pop melodies and endless energy. With its raw and honest lyrics, acoustic instrumentation, and stripped-down sound this album makes another milestone in Somethingski discography.

The album is a stunning showcase of the band’s ability to create energeting and emotive music. Banjo, violin and double bass add rare and powerful dimension to the sound making this album sound familiar and fresh.

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