Good to meet you! I’m Somethingski, Niko Somethingski. I’m making music and this is my solo project.

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Story begins long time ago when in the village of Kosina young me was born. I want to be a drummer so I managed cardboard boxes into drum set and there you go 34 yrs later, after few bands, hundreds of shows, thousands of miles here we are during one of biggest world’s crisis SOMETHINGSKI is brought to life. 
My name is Niko Soszynski and I’m from Poland and as you could figure it out already I changed my second name a little tiny bit just because I know how Polish could hard for other nations. That is why you need to remember Something SKI and that it. I play drums, banjo, congas, cavaquinho, keys, percussions, guitar, bass and other playable things also I sing and also I write songs in Polish and English and even one in Spanglish which should be connection between English, Spanish and Polish accent. You might know me from my other band Freeborn Brothers where I play and sing and im co-founder as well. 
I made first solo album where I recorded most of instruments and I did my best to deliver you quality tunes to make the end of the world a little tiny bit brighter. Also few of my friends joined me on this quest, Liz Sloan all the way from Texas on fiddle, Daria Kosiek sang with me on ‘Wszechziem’, Magda Nawojska sang with me on ‘Light Up’ and ‘Tam w Starym Lesie’, known also from Freeborn – Arkadiusz Hawro on trumpet and last but not least Jakub Skibiński on drums. So on 8th day of March my album called THINGS will be released! 
With love from social distance,
Mr Somethingski


  • Somethingski – Things (2021)
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