Good to meet you! I’m Somethingski, Niko Somethingski. I’m making music and this is my story.

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The SOMETHINGSKI TRIO is a new project of the singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nikodem Soszyński, known, among others, from the Freeborn Brothers band, with whom he played hundreds if not thousands of concerts in many places in Europe and around the world.

In 2020, he recorded his first album called THINGS, and in the beginning of 2021 the album was released. Within a week, the song from this album titled “Na Dolinach” reached the first place in the Podkarpacie List of Hits. Ten songs album is in a very diverse style, from folk to rock, through dance hits referring to the 70s of Polish popular music.
In 2022 together with awarded folk singer Daria Kosiek, Somethingski Trio made and album called „Puszcza” which is based on rural polish folk music and played and recorded with modern touch. Second long play album is announced for 2023, which is already promoted by two singles “Holy, Holy” and “Od Północy do Południa” – a song that has been present on PSP Radio Rzeszów for several weeks.

So far, the band has performed in several European countries (Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France, Luxembourg) and played few great festivals (including Muddy Roots Festival 2022, Roots in Het Park 2022, Pottery Fair 2022 , Leśny Hippie Festival 2022) and at ones of the best clubs around old land (MEZZ Breda, NL; Patronaat Harlem, NL; De Kaai, Nijmegen, NL; What’s Cookin’ London, UK)

Live performances are played by trio featuring banjos, drums, double bass, violins, and a few other instruments. Energetic songs intertwined with humorous announcements and slower compositions will ensure a great time during the performances of Somethingski Trio


  • Somethingski – Things (2021) 
  • Somethingski Trio & Daria Kosiek – PUSZCZA (2022)
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